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    120L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit Economy

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    SKU: SSS-120L OIL/F E

    Our 120L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit Economy is specifically designed to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for the containment and cleanup of oil and fuel spills. With its ample capacity and specialized absorbents, this spill kit equips you with the necessary tools to handle oil and fuel spills swiftly and effectively.

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    Introducing our 120L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit Economy: Your Affordable Solution for Quick and Efficient Oil and Fuel Spill Cleanup.

    Spill Kit Includes

    1 x 50 Pk Oil & Fuel Standard Pads

    1 x 1.2m L x 80mm Oil & Fuel Boom

    1 x 2.4m L x 80mm Oil & Fuel Boom

    1 x Absorbent Floorsweep 

    3 x Waste Disposal Bag & Ties

    1 x PVC Gloves General Purpose

    1 x Contents information and 10 step spill response guide

    1 x Audit Seal Tag

    1 x Wheelie Bin Yellow 120L

    Featuring high-quality absorbent pads, booms, and loose absorbent specifically designed to quickly absorb and contain oil and fuel, this spill kit ensures efficient cleanup and prevents further contamination. The absorbents are made from hydrophobic materials, meaning they repel water and selectively absorb hydrocarbon-based liquids.

    The spill kit is conveniently packaged in a durable and easily identifiable container, allowing for quick access during emergency situations. Its compact and lightweight design enables easy storage and transport, making it suitable for various locations within your facility.

    Our Oil & Fuel Spill Kit Economy comes with clear instructions, ensuring that users can respond confidently and safely to oil and fuel spills. Proper disposal bags are also included for the safe and compliant disposal of used absorbents.

    Invest in our 120L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit Economy and be well-prepared to effectively handle oil and fuel spills. This spill kit provides an affordable and reliable solution, allowing you to maintain a safe and clean workplace while protecting the environment from the harmful effects of oil and fuel contamination.

    SSS-120L OIL/F E

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    120L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit Economy

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