Two Piece Rebound Bollards with Chain Loop

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      Our Two-Piece Rebound Bollards with Chain Loop offer a comprehensive solution for traffic management and safety needs. Their robust construction, visibility-enhancing features, and versatility make them a valuable asset in a wide range of applications. Whether you're guiding traffic, creating safe pedestrian zones, or marking off specific areas, these bollards provide a reliable and effective solution. Invest in safety and organization with our Two-Piece Rebound Bollards today.

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      Introducing our Two-Piece Rebound Bollards with Chain Loop - a versatile solution designed for temporary or permanent delineator applications. These bollards offer outstanding functionality, durability, and visibility, making them a valuable addition to any environment where traffic management and safety are paramount.

      The key feature of these bollards is their two-piece design with an elastic joint, allowing for flexibility and resilience. The removable bollard post easily twist-locks into the rubber base, providing a secure connection while still allowing for straightforward assembly and disassembly. This makes them ideal for both temporary setups, like event management, and permanent installations, such as traffic delineation.

      Each bollard post is equipped with a highly visible reflective band, ensuring that they are easily seen, especially during low-light conditions or at night. This reflective band enhances safety by alerting drivers and pedestrians to the presence of the bollards, helping to prevent accidents.

      The bollards themselves are manufactured from tough red polyethylene, standing at a height of 800mm. This durable material can withstand the rigors of everyday use and resists damage even when subjected to impacts. Despite their toughness, these bollards are designed to be gentle on vehicles, ensuring that collisions with them do not result in significant damage.

      Another notable feature is the molded chain loop incorporated into the bollard design. This loop is designed to accept our range of high-strength plastic chains, available in various colors. This chain loop functionality makes the bollards versatile, allowing you to easily create visual barriers, cordons, or pedestrian pathways as needed.

      The spring return mechanism in the two-piece design ensures that the bollard remains upright and secure after impacts, maintaining a consistent traffic management setup.

      Please note that these bollards are not designed to be driven over and should be used primarily for traffic delineation and safety purposes.


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      Two Piece Rebound Bollards with Chain Loop

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